I came out of the womb a creative type. As a little kid, while other youngsters were putting on plays in their spare time, I was making up TV commercials.


Fast forward to senior year abroad in college. I'm studying to be an Art Director and I nab an internship at a hot ad agency in London. The Creative Director there tries to convince me to switch from art to copy.


"But I don't know how to write," I protest.


"You're a Jewish girl from Brooklyn. You know how to talk, you know how to write."


So, I became a copywriter.


Over the course of my career, I've worked with the best and the brightest, creating award-winning 360 campaigns, websites, CRM programs, you name it. As an Associative Creative Director at a NYC ad agency, as well as the agency's Culture Ambassador, I've gotten to show my writing chops, access my visual roots, and scheme up ways to make the people I work with happy. 


Almost nothing is as satisfying as dreaming up and executing original, authentic ideas. Except maybe inspiring others to do the same—whether they're writing two lines of body copy for an email or joining me on an art journaling retreat in Italy. For me, true creativity isn't limited to coming up with a clever headline. It cuts across every channel.