Humira Complete

When the #1 selling pharmaceutical brand in the world wanted to evolve their patient offerings to provide support beyond yet another support program, they enlisted our help. The launch of HUMIRA Complete has been a smashing success. In less than a year, brand awareness surpassed levels that their previous program had achieved after nearly a decade of marketing. In that time, over 70% of new patients opting in to the program. I've been involved in practically every stage of HUMIRA Complete's materials since its launch. In addition to overseeing other teams' work, I created much of the communications, including these, below.  Each piece  highlights more than just the breadth of the services, but the emotional impacts of the diseases, as well. The artful and distinctive patient stories shown below, is a good example, best viewed here.

The video on the HUMIRA site:

One of the many interactive emails I created for the CRM campaign. This one led viewers to the video:

My partner and I created this as the kick-off to a client presentation about adding social media to their mix. The video was a lighthearted reminder that nobody knew their business like our team. Afterwards, they awarded us this key piece of their business.